Safeguarding Student Learning Engagement

The risks of profiling

May 17th, 2012 | Posted by Administrator in Uncategorized

Andrew Harvey’s article in The Australian on May 16, Student entry checks by universities carry risks,  captures the increasing dialogue around the collection of student information, in particular the collation of data as predictive indicators of  attrition.   The ethical issues raised in this article surpass the scope of this project but the outputs – a Good Practice Guide – will undoubtedly go some way to providing clarity around what Harvey details as the “risk of profiling”.  Central to this project is consideration of the notions of equity and social justice and how they manifest in the higher education sector and within various institutions.  The Good Practice Guide will be reinforced by the set of social justice principles and a social justice framework that presents guidelines and resources to exemplify and provide examples of the principles in practice – with the foci on the specific institutional initiatives and programs that monitor student learning engagement.  Tracy Creagh


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