Safeguarding Student Learning Engagement

Working Party

A representative from each participating institution made up the Project’s Working Party.  The Working Party consisted of academic and professional staff members who are responsible for student engagement within their own institution.

Project members (left to right): Ms Liz Smith (CSU), Ms Joanna Scarbrough (AUT), Ms Rhonda Leece (UNE), Dr Kitty Vivekanada (RMIT), Dr Jim Elliot (Curtin), Dr Karen Nelson (QUT, Project leader), Mr Stephen Parsons (UniSA), Ms Tracy Creagh (QUT, Project manager), Dr Tim Rogers (UniSA), Dr Glenda Jackson (ECU), Mr Andrew Brown (RMIT), Dr Janet Taylor (SCU, project evaluator) and Mr Chris Hepperlin (QUT).

Working Party members:

Ms Helen Rayner, Planning Analyst, Auckland University of Technology

Ms Liz Smith, Director, Transition, Charles Sturt University

Dr Jim Elliot, Associate Director, Student Transition, Curtin University

Dr Glenda Jackson, Director, Student Support Services, Edith Cowan University

Mr Chris Hepperlin, Director Student Support Services, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Kitty Vivekananda, Assistant Director, Student Wellbeing, RMIT University

Ms Rhonda Leece, Associate Director of Student Administration and Services, University of New England

Mr Stephen Parsons, Deputy Director, Student Support Services, University of South Australia