Safeguarding Student Learning Engagement


The overall approach to the project is a participatory action learning project involving teams from eight Australasian higher education institutions (HEIs) cooperatively engaged in the production of both practical and theoretical outcomes.  The participatory action research model is summarised in Figure 1.

Modified Action Learning Approach


Figure 1:  Modified Action Learning Approach


The organisational structure of the project consists of (1) a Project Leadership Team; (2) a Project Advisory Group; and (3) then a Working Party drawn from the eight institutions.

It is envisaged that achieving the overall project aim (establishing good practice for MSLE) will require 3 macro-level action cycles and that the activities within each of these will inform the others and overlap in terms of time.  Nevertheless stage 1/year 1 of the project focused on cycles 1 & 2 to develop the good practice guide and stage 2 focuses on cycle 3 which pilots the good practice guide. Each of the three macro-level cycles relates to one of the objectives and deliverables and are summarised in Figure 2.


Figure 2:  Overview of Project Approach

Figure 2:  Objectives and deliverables