Safeguarding Student Learning Engagement

Social Justice Framework

In this project defining and developing a set of social justice principles was an essential foundation for developing the sector guidelines for good practice. The framework arising from the principles needed to

• reflect the notions of equity and social justice;
• provide a strategic approach for safeguarding MSLE activities; and
• be supported by resources for practice in the sector.

Examination of themes in the social justice literature and its applications in education, and research and practice about widening participation and student engagement in the higher education sector enabled an initial conceptualisation of a set of five principles: Equity, Participation, Rights, Self-determination and Access. Each principle is defined and accompanied by a rationale and descriptions of the implications of the principle for practice.  Part 2 of the Good Practice Guide defines and articulates the social justice principles with good practice examples.

 The Social Justice Framework 

Through engagement with eight participating universities, this project has established a social justice framework underpinned by the set of five principles above. The framework summarises the philosophical stance and objectives of the project, details the social justice principles as they relate to activities and initiatives that monitor student learning engagement and includes a conceptual model. The social justice framework provides a point of reference in the Good Practice Guide:

Social Justice Framework (PDF 161KB)



Social justice in education

Developing the principles

Review of the Literature