Safeguarding Student Learning Engagement

Auckland University of Technology

These institutional resources or artefacts illustrate the social justice framework and principles in action and show the inter-connected nature of the principles.

Members of the Auckland University of Technology project working group have kindly agreed to make these resources accessible via the project website.  The project team would particularly like to acknowledge the contributions of  Helen Rayner, Joanna Scarbrough and Kurtis Bell in developing the case study and providing the artefacts.

The AUT Student Readiness Survey (SRS) (PDF 848KB)

Artefact type: Student Survey


At the beginning of 2012 a survey was sent to approximately 7,500 students that were new to AUT and had confirmed their offer of place. The survey is sent to the students’ personal email address a week after they had confirmed their offer of place. The email explains that the survey is optional, will not affect their offer, and is designed to let AUT staff know more about their personal situation so they can effectively offer support and advice.

Once a student completes the survey, they see immediate responses based on how they have answered the question. These are included below each question. These responses are also emailed back to the student so they have a copy they can refer to throughout the year. The survey scores are arbitrary in nature, in that they are designed to highlight multiple factors, rather than weighted. However, work in 2013 will examine if certain responses should carry more weight than others. The total survey score is factored into the START tool as one of five indicators.

The average response rate throughout 2012 was approximately 50%. Work in 2013 will investigate using an incentive to raise this, with a target of 75% of all new students to complete the survey.

Alignment to the Social Justice Principles:

This resource clearly articulates both the principles of self-determination and particularly access whereby the student, even prior to their commencement of study, is equipped with information tailored to their particular circumstances

AUT FYE Group Supervision (PDF 384FB)

Artefact type:  Training


The FYE Supervision model  is an opportunity for the program facilitator to meet with a group of FYE Assistants and explore issues related to their contact activities.  Essentially, this activity assists in sharing good practice and provides professional support.

 Alignment to Social Justice Principles:

This resource articulates both the principles of access and equity.