Safeguarding Student Learning Engagement

Curtin University

These institutional resources or artefacts illustrate the social justice framework and principles in action and show the inter-connected nature of the principles.

Members of the Curtin University project Working Group have kindly agreed to make these resources accessible via the project website.  The project team would particularly like to acknowledge the contributions of Jim Elliot and Jade Habib in developing the case study and providing the artefacts.

JumpSTART PowerPoint (PDF 362KB) and JumpSTART Handout (PDF 378KB)

Artefact type: Promotion and Marketing


At the beginning of the semester (in the first or second week of lectures) students in a particular first year foundation course receive a brief overview of the JumpSTART program and the services available to them as university students. This overview of the project, as well as a handout for all students, are presented in lecture time.

Information with the PowerPoint slide assists the lecturer in articulating JumpSTARTs purpose:

  • When reading this slide please ensure that you emphasise that as Curtin students they have a wealth of services available to them. Many students have a negative view of what ‘support services’ entail, so please address this by saying that support services encompass a wide range of services including our new gym facilities, Curtin Volunteers!, and our Health Service – not just our Counselling service as some students may think. Curtin’s support services are not just services for people with ‘problems’ – they are for everyone!
  • It is students’ responsibility to ensure that they use as many of these services as possible to enhance their university life experience!!
  • Inform students that START is the area on campus that helps students make a smooth transition into University study. The call is a non-invasive, friendly contact to see how the student is going with their study and to see if there is any info that START can provide them with in regards to Curtin’s support services or any other areas.
  • If students have any questions about the program, or would like any general info they are welcome to contact START on the contact details at the bottom of the slide.

Alignment to the Social Justice Principles:

These resources exemplify both the access and the rights principles making information about the service and specific expectations explicit to the student early in the teaching period.