Safeguarding Student Learning Engagement

Edith Cowan University

These institutional resources or artefacts illustrate the social justice framework and principles in action and show the inter-connected nature of the principles.

Members of the Edith Cowan University project Working Group have kindly agreed to make these resources accessible via the project website.  The project team would particularly like to acknowledge the contributions of  Glenda Jackson, Mitch Read and Nick Martin in developing the case study and providing the artefacts.

Connect For Success (C4S) – RightNow (PDF 598KB)

Artefact type: Process


ECU’s C4S Program has a custom built space in their RightNow (CRM) interface to record the case notes of each contact made with respective students. Once a student has chosen to opt in, a case is created in RightNow, with the Case Summary being the front screen that gives an overview of the student details. The Contact Log provides a snapshot of every contact with a student, whilst the Contact Point/Notes and Action Plan screens provide the space for more detailed notes to be recorded. C4S also has the capability to book further appointment times with the student via an interface with TimeTrade (an appointment management system) and also quickly check other CRM enquiries the student has made via the system.

Alignment to the Social Justice Principles:

This resource illustrates both the self-determination and the participation principles. The student has the option to opt-in or out of the contact activity and also participates in the development of an ‘action plan’ becoming an active participant in their support pathway.