Safeguarding Student Learning Engagement

Queensland University of Technology

These institutional resources or artefacts illustrate the social justice framework and principles in action and show the inter-connected nature of the principles.

Members of the Queensland University of Technology  project Working Group have kindly agreed to make these resources accessible via the project website.  The project team would particularly like to acknowledge the contributions of  Carole Quinn and Joanna Bennett in developing the case study and providing the artefacts.

Student Success Program – Ethical Use of Student Information (PDF 159KB)

Artefact type: Training


A critical inclusion in the training activities of the Student Success Advisors (SSA) is the incorporation of information about the ethical use of confidential student information.

In addition to complying with the QUT Code of Conduct (MOPP B/8.1), Student Success Advisors must comply with this code of conduct for dealing with personal information. SSA’s have access to confidential personal information about QUT students obtained from information systems, personal communications with QUT staff or students and discussions within the Student Success Program team. This information includes:

• any information disclosed to them by a QUT student during a telephone call or in an email in their role as a Student Success Advisor,
• any information about QUT staff or students (past or present) to which they have access through QUT Virtual, and
• any information about QUT students to which they have access through the Outreach Contact Management System.

The training involves a PowerPoint presentation and group discussion on the ethical use of student information specific to QUT’s Manual of Policies and Procedures (MOPP) and SSAs receive this training prior to their first contact with students.


Student Success Advisor Code of Conduct (PDF 19KB)

Artefact type: Employment contract


Additionally, and as part of their employment with SSP, new Advisors must sign a ‘Student Success Advisor Code of Conduct for Dealing with Personal Information’.  The contract details their obligations as student advisors in accordance with QUT’s MOPP guidelines.

Alignment to the Social Justice Principles:

Both these particular resource align with the principle of rights whereby the program ensures the rights of the student and complies with a mandated code of conduct within the institution.