Safeguarding Student Learning Engagement

Good Practice Case Studies

The Good Practice Case Studies are a principle outcome of the project and are included in the Good Practice Guide.  These case studies are from each of the eight participating institutions and reflect the current institutional initiatives underway to actively safeguard and monitor student learning engagement.

Each case study provides an overview of the institutional initiative: the scale of the activity, organisational processes, outcomes, critical success factors and challenges and any key resources associated with the activity.  You can also access the program artefacts (resources and tools) that exemplify the good practice in each institution’s MSLE program on this page.

The eight case studies are:

Case Study 1:  Auckland University of Technology (AUT) – FYE Programme (PDF 634KB)  and artefacts

Case Study 2:  Charles Sturt University (CSU) – Student Success Team (PDF 402KB) and artefacts

Case Study 3:  Curtin University –JumpSTART (PDF 492KB) and artefacts

Case Study 4:  Edith Cowan University (ECU) – Connect For Success (C4S) (PDF 671KB) and artefact

Case Study 5:  Queensland University of Technology (QUT) –Student Success Program (SSP) (PDF 534KB) and artefacts

Case Study 6:  RMIT University (RMIT) – The Student Success Program (PDF 389KB) and artefacts 

Case Study 7:  University of New England (UNE) – Early Alert (PDF 617KB) and artefacts

Case Study 8:  University of South Australia (UniSA) – Enhancing Student Academic Potential (ESAP) (PDF 464KB) and artefact


Please cite case studies as:

Nelson, K. & Creagh, T.  (2013).   Case Study [enter number].  A good practice guide:  Safeguarding student learning engagement.  Brisbane, Australia:  Queensland University of Technology.