Safeguarding Student Learning Engagement

Review of the Literature

The aim of the literature review was to examine the literature on social justice and equity in the higher education sector in order to develop the set of social justice principles which form the foundation for the Good Practice Guide and resources. Principally, the review examines and defines ‘social justice’ and then applies this knowledge to monitoring student learning engagement in higher education. In this sense the analysis provides a starting point for understanding the theoretical underpinnings and issues related to social justice in higher education and provides the foundation for the formulation of a set of principles for guiding institutional policy and programs.  The literature forms Part 4 of the Good Practice Guide (pg. 99-121)

Literature Review and synopsis (PDF 463KB )



The Annotated Bibliography presents a summary of the literature accessed as part of the development of a literature analysis and synopsis for the project and includes a brief synopsis of 96 individual items including websites, journal articles, conference papers and presentations, book chapters, government and organisation reports and various media articles. The focus of the collection of literature was on perspectives of social justice, descriptive examples of the application of social justice to higher education and national and international discussions about social justice and equity in higher education. Relevant literature also focused on issues associated with participation in higher education, otherwise known as social inclusion or widening participation, and examples of activities designed to support and monitor student engagement. Not all of the references in the bibliography are included in the final literature analysis. Several references were utilised as points of interest or for further reference.

Annotated Bibliography (PDF 983KB)